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• When I'm not taking pictures you can find me in the mountains hiking or camping.
• I drove all the way to Pennsylvania to be an extra in a movie with Matt Damon and John Krasinski. 
• I backpacked Europe for 3 months after college and ended up living in Spain for a year teaching English afterwards.
• I have been vegan since 2017 and I am currently in the process of creating a food photography/vegan blog! 
• I have played piano for 23 years!
• My favorite bands/musicians include Gregory Alan Isakov, Nathaniel Rateliff and the Nightsweats, and The Lumineers
• Every year I travel somewhere new. My most recent trips include Machu Picchu, South Africa, and Germany. I love traveling, trying new things, and photographing weddings all over the world!


Hi! I'm Shea. I'm a wedding photographer that loves photographing weddings all over the beautiful state of Colorado, as well as all over the world! I was born in Denver, but moved to the midwest when I was very young. However, I always felt at home when I came to visit Colorado so I knew I would move back here one day. I've been in Colorado for just over three years now and I love everything that this beautiful state has to offer! 

I absolutely love what I do. Photographing weddings and being a part of such a magical day for two people and their families is so rewarding. I put 110% into each and every wedding I photograph to make it as organized and stress-free as possible for you and your families, all while creating beautiful images!

• I adore cooking for my husband whom I love dearly
• I cannot pass up an opportunity to check out a new brewery or a unique concoction of beer
• I play, watch, and photograph sports any chance I get. I have photographed one NBA championship and two NFL Super Bowls.
• I have broken every finger I possess (and some I don't) playing basketball
• I enjoy a lazy Sunday of playing video games
• I travel a lot thanks to a wanderlust I inherited from my mother. I have been to 50 states and 5 countries. 
• Self proclaimed nerd who enjoys sci-fi, fantasy, and all things anime. Regularly goes to comic book conventions dressed as Wolverine or Nathan Drake (from Uncharted video games.)


I launched my own studio in Michigan in 2009, after leaving the press corps following 25 incredible years as a photojournalist, a career that I broke into at the (now unbelievable) age of 14. I joined the Silver Sparrow Photography Team in 2019. Combining my passion for storytelling and documentary-style photography with my creative aesthetic derived from a bold cinematic standpoint in my photographs is something I truly love and am privileged to do as a career.

Visual storytelling is my ultimate goal for any photograph. I first fell in love with that approach during my days in the news media, and that method has since served me well in my private endeavors, especially with portrait photography and wedding photography. I thrive on the challenge of finding those fleeting moments in everyday life that demand to be captured and crafted into a work of art. When done well, it's something that can transcend genre and pull the viewer in deeper.


• I have a son who cracks me up on a daily basis and I cannot imagine life without him. He recently joined the Navy and I couldn't be more proud.
• My border collie mix, Jake, is a huge part of my life and I talk about him a lot! Maybe too much....
• Travel is a huge part of my life and business and I love it! 
• I love to laugh! 
• I believe that every animal deserves a loving forever home - adopt don't shop.
• I believe every wardrobe isn't complete without a pair of Chucks and bold hair color (mine is always changing!). 
• Nothing tops a lazy Sunday afternoon with good friends, good food and good craft beer.
• Life is too short...so take the risk, go on an adventure, eat dessert and travel as much as you possibly can!​


​My name is Sunshine (yes, it's my real name) and I am definitely not your typical, run of the mill wedding photographer! I follow the yearly wedding trends but I believe your day should be unique and reflect who you are as a couple, not what magazine's tell you it should be. I specialize in bold photography for fun, sentimental and fearless couples around the world. I am passionate about what I do and nothing makes me happier than seeing my clients faces when they are viewing their wedding photos for the first time. I enjoy getting to know you and hearing your story, what you enjoy doing together and what the future holds. 

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